Donate Money

All donations will go towards supporting SustainaFest’s mission of engaging with students and community members to learn about sustainable living. 
Donations to SustainaFest are fully tax deductible.

Interns & Volunteers Wanted!

SustainaFest is seeking qualified candidates to help grow our expanding program.

Are you interested in being a part of an organization focused on using art and entertainment to spur sustainability and action in our schools and communities?
Have you been successful at growing social media communities?
Are you good at organizing events?
Do you have experience conducting research and writing about it?
Are you interested in getting involved in environmental or social education?
Are you interested in gaining more experience in any or all of these areas?

Bring your planning, social media and organizing skills to SustainaFest and take advantage of a great opportunity to contribute to and learn from sustainability leaders while also having fun!