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Nurturing a sense of community spirit and creating a 'can do’ ethic among young and older generations alike

Student Built Tiny House

In only three weeks, 50+ students constructed this "tiny house" as part of our Student Sustainability Lab program.

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Check out our blog for photos and weekly updates on the Tiny House Project.

What is Home? And How Do We Find it?

Local students will take a journey of exploration and discovery as they work together to plan, design and build a 210 sq. ft. Minim House, leveraging the best of technology and teamwork.

Using Film to Spark Dialogue

More than 225 students and 15 teachers joined SustainaFest team members and filmmakers Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller to view their film Tiny: A Story About Living Small.

Sustainability meets Technology

Students will build this award-winning home with gourmet kitchen, solar energy system, rainwater collection & even a large screen projection television!



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Student Sustainability Lab

The Student Sustainability Lab is SustainaFest’s groundbreaking educational program launched in 2014. The program provides students an opportunity to understand human-environment interactions, sustainable living and our connectedness with ecosystems, economic systems, and one another. The Lab connects and complements traditional Pre K-12 educational disciplines by combining art, humanities, social sciences, and the physical and life sciences to encourage students to explore their environment, society and the economy through the lens of sustainability in the modern world.READ MORE

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